Maths at Burnside Primary School

Mathematics is one of our key and core subjects at Burnside Primary.  Both Number knowledge and strategy are valued, and celebrated.  Alongside Number, the ideas which underpin Geometry, Measurement, Statistics and Algebra are key.

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Burnside Primary School uses Developing Mathematics Communities of Inquiry (DMIC) practices. This is where teachers engage students in reasoned mathematical problem solving within mixed ability groupings in the classroom.  Mixed ability groups give children multiple opportunities to learn from each other and to teach each other.  When the students share their problem solving approach at the end of the session, the ‘connect’ occurs.  This is when the key mathematical concepts are taught, developed and elaborated upon with the students.

Our students engage in maths programmes which are collaborative learning communities rather than classes of individuals.  Problems draw on multiple strengths and areas of expertise, such that no one student can answer on their own.  As children work together they learn pro-social skills, and inclusive and respectful learning cultures are created.  Students become flexible thinkers and open to others' perspectives.

Culturally responsive links are created between school learning and children's lives and identities through devising problems that are culturally relevant and connected to their reality.  This connection to family and community knowledge lets students understand that maths is everywhere in their lives, not just something they do at school. 

Number knowledge such as basic facts are developed during the week and are a partnership between school and home. 

Our mathematics programme extends every student and every student is recognised as bringing a range of strengths and capabilities to mathematics.

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