Boulder Butterfly Project


Burnside Primary School is bringing back the boulder copper butterfly to Christchurch!

The boulder copper butterfly used to live across Canterbury, mainly by braided rivers living in its main food source Muehlenbeckia axillaris. With the huge loss of habitat, the boulder coppers numbers have rapidly declined and are now only found sparingly in a few locations in Canterbury, and are no longer found in Christchurch City.

Burnside Primary School, working closely with Brian Patrick, boulder copper butterfly specialist, and entomologist Ruud ‘Bug Man’ Kleinpaste, is going to bring the boulder back to Christchurch.

This project is a New Zealand first, as never before has a butterfly garden been created for one of our endemic butterflies. The aim of the project is to not only increase the size of the population, but also raise awareness through student-led action.

The Boulder Copper Butterfly is yet to be officially named, students from Burnside Primary, working with students from Burnside High School will get to name the butterfly and work with Brian Patrick to be included in a scientific paper describing and officially naming the butterfly.

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Badges for the Boulder Copper Butterfly