The Arts

What are The Arts about?

Through movement, sound and image, ideas are transformed to communicate meanings. The Arts are forms of expression that use both verbal and non verbal communication conventions to encompass all cultures.

How are The Arts structured in the New Zealand Curriculum?

The Arts are structured around the four interrelated strands

  • Understanding The Arts in Context
  • Developing Practical Knowledge
  • Developing Ideas
  • Communicating and Interpreting

The Arts learning area is comprised of four disciplines for students to develop skills, knowledge, attitude and understanding across.

These are:

  • Dance - expressive movement that has intent, purpose and form.
  • Drama - expresses experience through a focus on role, action and tension in time and space.
  • Music (Sound Art) - a form of personal and cultural expression through sound
  • Visual Arts - participating, discerning and celebrating their own and others' visual worlds.

How are The Arts taught in our school?

To ensure the integrity of the Arts, it will be taught as a standalone subject to ensure the development of specific skills, elements, and techniques across all disciplines. The Arts will be integrated with other learning areas to provide authentic contexts for study.

Authentic opportunities are provided to share and celebrate student's outcomes across The Arts both within our school and across our wider community (assemblies, productions, art exhibitions, displays, talent quests).

We use supporting materials including the He Papahuia Toi Māori and the MOE support booklets for The Arts where appropriate to guide and support our planning and teaching.

See our Music, Drama, and Dance pages for more information in these areas.