Environmental Science

Here at Burnside Primary school we aim to foster a generation of children who instinctively think and act sustainably. Sustainability has many different interpretations.


To us it means living in a country where people work with positive energy to connect with each other, their cultural identity and their land, to create a healthier, peaceful, more equitable society. It means the regeneration of resilient, connected communities in which people care for each other and the environment. It means valuing our Maori traditions, and celebrating diversity so that everyone thrives


We believe this can be achieved at Burnside Primary School through our Enviroschools programmes which support our students to plan, design and implement sustainability actions that are important to our school and our community.


Our Piwakawaka juniors have created a wonderful butterfly garden to support their Monarch butterfly breeding, tagging and tracking initiative. These children are also developing vege gardens where they are weeding and feeding edible crops throughout the year.  


Our Tui team children spend many happy lunchtime hours cultivating vegetables on their ‘green-wall’ and in their raised garden beds.


Further up the school a group of helpers from the Pukeko Team foster the idea of sustainable recycling by putting out red, green and yellow bins every day in the lunch areas for children to sort their rubbish. Many of our seniors in the Pukeko team have been involved in an on-going stream regeneration project for our local Wairarapa Stream. This has involved salmon rearing in the classroom and a very exciting release of the young salmon into the stream. Many hours of hard digging has been spent in the replanting of the stream banks. Plans for this project in 2016 include more scientific monitoring and data gathering to gauge the ‘health’ of our stream.