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We have a fantastic staff at Burnside Primary

Leadership Team

Matt Bateman


Ann Dark

Deputy Principal

Tawa Homebase Teacher


Pukeko Team (Year 5 - 6)

Nic Rickard - Team Leader

Room 12, Year 5/6  SENCO

Sandy Gunn

Room 13, Year 5/6

Kate Bateman

Room 13, Year 5/6

Charlotte Johns

Room 11, Year 5/6

Glenys Lang

Room 12, Year 5/6

Hélène Wray

Room 14 Year 5/6

Maggie Alley

Room 14, Year 5/6

Kahu Team (Year 3 - 4)

Emma Clark - Team Leader

Kahu 7, Year 3/4

Hilary St John

Kahu 8, Year 3/4

Susan Pageot

Kahu 9, Year 3/4

Lyndon Greening

Kahu 10, Year 4

Bianca Woyak

Release Teacher

Piwakawaka Tui Team (Year 0 - 2)

Trudi Browne - Team Leader

Kahurangi Homebase Teacher

Elaine O'Leary

Kahurangi Homebase Teacher

Millie Hooker

Kōwhai Homebase Teacher

Tim Colhoun

Tawa Homebase Teacher

Robyn Penney

Karaka Homebase Teacher

Bridget Watson

Release Teacher

Debra Jackson

Kikorangi Homebase Teacher

Janine Williamson

Whero Homebase Teacher

Mel Murray

Release Teacher

La Découverte

Jean Chiron

La Découverte Homebase Teacher

Chrystelle Descamps

La Découverte Homebase Teacher

Océane Herry

Teacher Aide

International Communities and Languages

Maria Viselli

International Communities Liaison and Acting Head of Languages

Satoko Nakamura

Kahui Ako Project Lead and Japanese Translator

Kay Harris

International Students/ESOL Teacher

Justina Han

Korean Translator

Angelina Bao

Mandarin Translator

Maryam Sharifkhani

Farsi Translator

Teacher Aides

Krista Hastings

Teacher Aide

Linda Stagg

Teacher Aide

Jasna Rimbovska

Teacher Aide

Jill Banks

Teacher Aide

Heather Stanley

Teacher Aide

Yvette Musliu

Teacher Aide

Roanne Kinney

Teacher Aide

Other Support Staff

Debbie Lee Barrett

Resource Teacher of Literacy

Fiona Kelly

 Reading Recovery

Office Management

Lea Keen

Executive Officer

Rose Appo

Office Manager

Vincent Pageot


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