Reporting to Families

At Burnside Primary we develop learning partnerships with families and have different ways of sharing information.  These include:


Mutukaroa is a programme that develops a partnership with families who have children in their first year at school.    We work with parents and whanau to help you to understand how your child is progressing in their learning and we then support you to help your child with their learning at home.

Our Mutukaroa Coordinator will be in contact with you to set up regular meetings to:

  • help you to understand data about your child's achievement
  • answer your questions
  • select next learning steps for learning at home
  • choose and take home learning resources to support learning at home.


National Standards

The children who are completing their first three years at school will be reported to families based on their date of starting school, their Anniversary Date.

You can expect to receive written reports and have an interview with your child's teacher based on your child's progress towards their next National Standard after your child has been at school for 20, 60 and 100 weeks at school.

You can expect to receive written reports and have an interview with your child's teacher to discuss how your child has achieved against the National Standards once they have been at school for 40, 80 and 120 weeks. (After 1, 2 and 3 years of school)

In years 4-6 the National Standard reporting schedule changes.  We inform you of your child's progress against their National Standard with written reports and interviews mid year.  There is a further written report at the end of the school year to inform you of how you child has achieved against the National Standard.

At all times, we encourage you to come in and discuss your child's learning with their classroom teacher.


ELLP - English Language Learning Progressions

For our students who have English as their second language, we report against the English Language Learning Progressions.  You can expect to find out information about your child's learning following the same timelines discussed above.  Your child's teacher will talk to you about where your child is at in relation to the progressions and also how they are progressing towards the National Standards for their peer group.

You are more than welcome to bring along translators to any of interviews.