Burnside Primary values excellence in drama and is committed to providing opportunities in which children can discover and develop their talents. We encourage children to participate in drama in and outside the classroom, drama tutoring, and our school productions.

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In-class drama

At Burnside Primary School, we use Drama to express human experience through a focus on role, action, and tension, played out in time and space. Our students learn to structure these elements and to use dramatic conventions, techniques, and technologies to create imagined worlds. Through purposeful play, both individual and collaborative, they discover how to link imagination, thoughts, and feelings.

As students work with drama techniques, they learn to use spoken and written language with increasing control and confidence and to communicate effectively using body language, movement, and space.

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Drama Tutoring

Georgina Carran tutors groups of children for Drama during school time. Children are encouraged to be creative and explore the elements of role, focus, action, tension, time, and space through dramatic play. Children also contribute and develop ideas during this time, using personal experience and imagination. If you would like to get your child enrolled in Drama lessons, please email the school office or directly email Georgina for more information.

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