Our Rebuild

In September of 2015, the Ministry of Education requested that our School’s Board of Trustees develop a school zone. Our “draft proposed zone” was shared with families in December last year. Burnside Primary School needs to have a zone in place before our “New School” can be built. The new school is to be built to accommodate the number of children that are living in our school zone.


The number of in-zone children will determine our school’s “rebuild-number” and therefore the size of our new school. A great deal of work has taken place, consulting with all of our neighbouring school-Boards and the Ministry are (almost) ready to confirm our zone. Once our zone is confirmed, our rebuild (Master Planning) will begin.


All existing families, with children currently enrolled at our school, no matter where they reside, will be able to continue to have their children enrolled and attend Burnside Primary. As our site is shared with Cobham Intermediate, and as that school is also to be rebuild, new, Cobham is also going through a process with the Ministry of Education to have their “rebuild number” confirmed. Once this is confirmed, both schools will start master-planning, onto this site, at the same time but both schools are to remain separate, new schools. This has been a long and time-consuming process BUT we are slowly but surely getting closer to “real” signs of our new school rebuild.